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Enigma Camping

Kupinince bb, Vranje, Serbia.


"Enigma" camping site is a small transit camp located in south of Serbia, 2 km south of Vranje city and the road E-75, on corridor 10. The main advantage is its location away of urban areas and roads which implies vacation in absolutely peaceful, natural environment. In addition to attractive location camping site includes extra facilities such as: outdoor swimming pools, garden restaurant, balloon sports hall and arranged green and floral area.

Camping site includes:

  • water and electricity supply for all vehicles
  • possibility for water exchange, toilet cleaning
  • discharge of chemical waste
  • sanitary facilities with showers
  • dish washing
  • washing machine
  • garden restaurant

  • Camping site offers the highest level of security: 24-hour security guard service coverage and video surveillance. The whole area is closed and locked in the evening and at night.

    For guests who want to discover the natural beauties and sights of this area we offer organized visits to:
    -nine century old city of Vranje with rich cultural heritage and remains of Ottoman imperia,
    - Vranje Spa with thermal springs and the hottest water temperature in Europe of 98 degrees,
    -Vlasina Lake, unique in the World, famous by floating islands. It is located on 1213m altitude and is among the highest and largest artificial lakes in Serbia with a pleasant climate and rose of winds.
    -Monastery St. Prohor Pcinjski – built up by Byzantine emperor Roman Diogenes in the 11th Century
    -Archeological site Kale with the remains of the oldest urban settlement from the end of IV and the beginning of III century BC, build in time of Alexander the Great.

    The campsite may be reached:
    - from south, direction of Macedonia, taking the highway exit at the first loop and following the road signs which lead directly to the campsite (2,5 km),
    -from north, direction of Belgrade, taking the highway exit at the second loop and following the road signs which lead directly to the campsite (2,5 km).

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